Why ‘X’ ?


In today’s environment, we’re all on a mission to claim our spot in history – in some sort of way.  Whether it involves your family, your career or your business, everyone strives to make their mark.  Through the years, we’ve all heard the saying ‘X marks the spot.’  Well, my blog will challenge you and strive to help you in utilizing special characteristics to mark your spot in your job, in your family and in every thing you do.  Your life will surely improve as you focus on each of these characteristics and apply them to your daily routine.  So…to be effective and successful at marking your spot in this world, here are 7 characteristics that will help you:  eXpress, eXcel, eXpect, eXamine, eXplain, eXplore, eXceed.

Based on my experiences and background, a lot of the information will evolve around workforce issues and economic development initiatives; however,  the information provided will be applicable to the stay-at-home mom (like my sister), the working professional (like my mother), the small business owner (like my cousin) and the corporate CEO (like I plan to be someday).

I hope you enjoy the information and find that it adds value to help you get through the day.  Now…start using your Xs…and go mark your spot!


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