Time Management – Step #1 of 4

17 Jun

timeMost of us at some point have said “I wished I had just a little more time.”  Time is that all important factor for us in getting things accomplished.  It’s stable, unchanging, consistent, dependable – yet we still repeatedly think that the clock moves at lightning speed on some days, and at a turtle’s pace in other moments.  So within this posting and the next 3 postings, I want to share with you four critical and different steps in how you can manage time and be a little more effective in your daily routines.

Step #1 – Measure Time Correctly

For the most part, a majority of us tend to measure time in a quantitative manner – like the numbers on your clock; but, time can also be measured in a qualitative manner, as well.  It’s those qualitative measurements that will be the most important in the long run.  So, instead of looking at how long it takes to accomplish a task, look more closely to see what qualitative measurements were accomplished, such as:

  • How much did you learn?
  • How much satisfaction did you feel?
  • How focused were you on the details?
  • How did the productivity affect your attitude or outlook?

I know this idea may seem a little strange, but remember you don’t need to completely abandon those quantitative manners to start measuring in qualitative terms.  It actually takes a combination of both – quantitative and qualitative – to balance the measurement of time in a way that you feel as if you have maximized every single second of the day.  Let’s take sleep for example:  I would much rather have 5 hours of good, sound sleep than 8 hours of tossing and turning.

It’s similar when evaluating our time – even though we are aware of the passing of each minute and hour, it’s the quality of those moments that really make a difference in how we perceive the passing of time.  So, what adjustments do you need to make to start balancing how you measure your time on a daily basis?  Check back this week for Step #2 for suggestions on what circumstances may be affecting your perception of time.  Have a great day!!

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