Are You a High Maintenance Manager?

06 Jun

high maintenanceMost of us have friends, family members, spouses, or significant others that we consider to be high maintenance.  Some people choose to be a high maintenance person, while it seems others are just born that way!  According to definitions vetted through the Urban Dictionary, the most popular definition for high maintenance is “requiring a lot of attention…overly needy…and prone to over-dramatizing a situation.”  After reading that definition, I immediately thought of several of my previous managers who definitely meet that criteria.

Do you think you’re a high maintenance manager or employee?  Well, here’s a brief test to find out:

1.  How fast do you start to depend on others for day-to-day routines?

2.  Do you share as much information with others as you expect them to share with you?

3.  How often do you contact your employees and want to know what they are doing?

4.  How often do you communicate in vague terms just to see if your workforce is listening?

5.  Do you ever admit it when you’re wrong and then apologize for it?

It doesn’t take an answer sheet to know whether you’re leaning toward being a high maintenance manager.  And…maybe you’re asking “what’s wrong with being high maintenance?”  Good question.  Well, most of us tend to steer clear of high maintenance people.  They don’t motivate us (except to get away as quickly as possible) and they tend to suck all the air out of the room upon entering.  Is that the type of environment you would want to work in?  Neither do your employees.

So…take time this week to evaluate yourself and determine if you need to eliminate any high maintenance symptoms that may be lurking in your management and leadership style.  Have a great day…and don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter at @craigholloman.

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