Customer Service & the General Public

28 May

red tapeOver the years, most of my jobs have included working with the general public.  However, if you’re organization provides services and information free of charge to ‘customers’, then there’s a completely different dimension about how these customers may view how your organization treats them.  This is especially true with the various governmental agencies that provide assistance through both, entitlement and non-entitlement programs.  Assisting indiviudals to get through all the red tape and bureaucratic processes can be exhausting.

Therefore, here are a few simple techniques that have been beneficial to me over the years and I believe they may help in serving your general public customers:

  • Build a Relationship – Regardless of the circumstances, treat your customer with the utmost respect by being polite and patient.  Individuals dealing with the public service system normally have an array of needs and very little experience in going through such a process.  Remember, you are there for the customer.  So, get to know them so you can provide the best experience possible for them.
  • Communicate Effectively – As public service providers, we are over-dependent on the usage of acronymns and ‘policy’ language.  Our customers don’t understand this language; therefore, we must be careful to speak in terms that are easily understood and listen in a way that communicates the true needs of the customer.
  • Exemplify Quality Service – Even though you’re providing a free service, always go above and beyond in your daily performance.  Being dedicated to each customer and giving additional effort to serving him or her will set you apart from your colleagues…and your customers will appreciate it greatly.
  • Be the Ambassador – Remember, you are the face of your organization when dealing with the general public.  What you do or don’t do will reflect accordingly upon the organization as a whole.  Be mindful of how you present yourself to the customer.  Do so in the most professional and courteous manner possible.

Implementing these techniques will help you step-by-step as you deal with the general public in providing valuable assistance to help encourage and motivate them on a daily basis.  Have a great day…and don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter at @craigholloman.

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