Employee View: I Don’t Trust My Manager

15 May

trustAs in any relationship, trust is a critical element needed to be an effective manager.  Most of us have an idea of what we think ‘trust’ means and we rely heavily on that trust for how we behave and how we make decisions.  One definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary says trust is an assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something.  A recent poll conducted by Maritz Research indicates that only 10% of employees trust management during uncertain times and only 7% of employees believe their manager’s walk matches their talk.

Therefore, to gain the trust (and keep it) of your employees, here are a few suggestions of actions you might need to focus on:

  • Be a Better Communicator – Good communication between yourself and your employees will speak volumes as to how trustworthy you really are.  Each time you communicate (whether directly or indirectly), you are sending a signal to your employees.  Make sure what you are communicating aligns with your actions.
  • Be Engaging – Engage others in the decision making process.  Seek feedback, ideas, opinions…and look at ways that information can help solve problems or create new and innovative processes.
  • Be Credible – How’s your reputation?  Do you always do what you say you will do?  Always follow through and be true to your word.  Establish and highlight a proven track record of ‘meaning what you say and saying what you mean.’
  • Be Diplomatic – In this instance, perception ‘IS’ reality.  So, you must learn how to build consensus among your team members and treat everyone in a fair and equitable manner.  Always do the right thing and the trust ‘worthiness’ among your employees will increase.
  • Be Concerned – This requires you to ‘listen’ attentively and ‘hear’ what your employees are saying to you.  Look for ways to build rapport with your employees by following through and being responsible to address immediate needs.

If you focus on these 5 areas, then the trust level between you and your employees will increase significantly and will result in greater benefits to you, to the employee and to the organization as a whole.  This week, implement these suggestions and mark your spot in a great and mighty way!!

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