Create a ‘Shiny Quarter’ Moment

02 May

quarterWhen I was just a young lad, I always loved to do things outdoors and go exploring through the woods in the back-hills of Kentucky.  There’s nothing that can get your adrenaline pumping like finding a shiny quarter on an old dirt path, chasing a wild rabbit through a field or discovering that the tree you’re standing under has a huge, active hornets nest hanging directly above you.  Boy – those were the days!!

Now…fast-forward 30 years:  you’re winding your way through an organizational maze trying to increase revenue, lower expenses and maximize profits while providing quality, meaningful leadership to your employees.  Some moments (especially on Mondays) might be just like you are standing under a hornets nest…so overwhelmed with surprises that you are basically ‘running in place.’  Other moments may be more like chasing a rabbit…you know what needs to be done but you just can’t seem to catch up to it so you can stamp “completed” on it.  And then there are those moments that make everything else worthwhile.  Those are the moments where it feels like you just found a shiny new quarter in a layer of dirt and grime.  The moment that an employee says, ‘thanks for your help‘…or the one time a customer says, ‘I don’t know what I would’ve done without you‘…or the simple ‘pat on the back’ you receive from your colleagues for a job well done.

As managers…unfortunately, we sometimes focus too much on chasing the wild rabbits and running from those crazy hornets that we fail to see that one bright, shiny quarter that’s directly in our path.  What have you done this week to help someone around you experience one of those ‘shiny quarter’ moments?  Take time to express your appreciation to the talent that helps you day-in and day-out.  You never know how powerful a positive word might be to someone else.  Go out and make your mark today!!

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