Communicating Your Purpose…The Right Way

29 Apr

right wayMy mother always reminded me as I was growing up (and even sometimes today) that there’s always a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things; while my father always reminded that – whether it was right or wrong – there was only one way of doing things:  his way.  It seems kind of funny now, but as I reflect on it…it seems they were educating me even back then about the different types of managers that I would have to deal with one day.

I have seen those managers with such a passion for what they do, that it has encouraged me to be a better manager, a better leader and a better person.  But, there have been times that their perceived actions didn’t exactly align with their intended purpose…which basically confused the heck out of me.  How could someone with such a deep love for what they do act in such a manner?  Why could a great manager say or do something that goes directly opposite of his or her core beliefs?  I mean, let’s face it…on any given day, managers can be…well…for the lack of a better word…perplexing.

Therefore, to be an exceptional manager or leader, then you must be able to not only communicate with your employees…but you must communicate in a way that conveys your purpose.  Why?  Because when you communicate your purpose alongside your actions, then you are:

  • Explaining the reason for your action and why it is important for the organization and the workforce;
  • Encouraging those around you to expand their vision on where the organization is headed and how their assistance is needed in accomplishing the mission at hand; and
  • Equipping others with intricate knowledge that could spur additional creativity and innovative efforts within the workplace.

Sounds simple, right?  Well…guess what?  It is that simple.  If your heart and mind as a manager are focused on the right things, then there is a right way to communicate your purpose with your actions that will be an effective tool to your workforce.  However, as you well know…if your ‘purpose’ has any hidden agendas, then prepare for the wrath of the people because it will be discovered.  So, how well do you explain your actions and decisions to others?  How are you encouraging your co-workers to open up their minds to another dimension of the organization?  How are you equipping your employees to put their best ideas on the table?  Think about it this week…and then take action to communicate your purpose the right way!

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One response to “Communicating Your Purpose…The Right Way

  1. Stephanie Shirley

    April 30, 2013 at 4:02 am

    Great post! As a professional in the communications field, I see a lot of the same issues arise with business owners trying to ineffectively communicate with their employees. It’s so important to give a purpose to why you do the things you do so that people understand the context and can better support your decisions.


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