Burnout Syndrome: How to Manage It

26 Apr

burnoutRegardless of what type job you may have or how you spend your days, we all encounter those time periods when things become stagnate and overwhelmingly boring.  We “hit the wall” – so to speak – and lose that creative passion we once had pumping through our veins.  It’s easy to get stuck into a routine where our actions and decision-making processes become almost robotic.  During these time periods is when we need that jolt – a shot in the arm – something to scream ‘wake up’ that will get us back on track and excited for what the future holds.

Most experts say when we have these types of feelings, then we are experiencing burnout.  It’s almost like a managerial disease that can have negative consequences if not treated quickly.  But, the good news is that it’s not only treatable, it’s also preventable.  So…here are a few quick tips on how you can avoid being diagnosed with burnout:

  • Ask for Help – Great managers know when to ask for help from others around them to assist in completing work projects.  Get input from your manager and employees and make sure you delegate what can be done by others.
  • Set Your Priorities – Take a look at your personal and professional priorities.  Make time to do those things that balance your personal life with your professional life.  If either one gets too one-sided, then you’re at risk of burnout.
  • Schedule Down Time – Literally schedule time on your calendar to relax – get together with friends, go to a movie, read a book – whatever takes your mind off of the work-related activities.
  • Take that Vacation – Managers are infamous for taking “working vacations,” but what about a real vacation away from the computer, the emails, the phone calls?  Commit yourself to taking a guilt-free vacation and when you return to work your productivity level will skyrocket.
  • Pursue a Hobby or Volunteer – Focus some of your energies on other things that are important to you – family time, a special cause, a hobby interest.  Staying connected to the outside world really helps put everything into perspective.

I am sure there’s a whole listing of additional things you can do to help avoid burnout, but the critical step is to begin doing something – anything – to help prevent getting to that stage.  Today, pick just one item listed above to begin that preventive process.  Contrary to popular belief, there really is more to life than work.  So, take time to enjoy the little things in life and your work life will blossom with creativity, energy and meaning.

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One response to “Burnout Syndrome: How to Manage It

  1. Charles C. Jett

    April 27, 2013 at 4:26 am

    One way to look at “burnout” is using the “Doom Loop” – sometimes the feelings described above can be diagnosed and remedied through the use of a simple (and “free”) career management tool. Check it out if you want.


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