7 Characteristics to Mark Your Spot

21 Apr

Management is somewhat like technology, as soon as you get accustomed to a specific process then someone comes along and re-invents the whole system and we suddenly find ourselves having to adapt, learn or re-tool new managerial methods and executive strategies.  Thankfully it doesn’t happen as often as the changes we witness every 24 hours in the world of technology…but we are starting to see an increased rate of modifications to management styles in order to adapt to an ever-changing global market and to appease the public eye that is more adamant about transparency at all levels.

Well, I propose that these following seven characteristics will help lift your management style to an advanced level – not just in your management position, but across your whole organization.  I’ve bulked these characteristics together in what I call the “X Characteristics” and they serve as the foundation to the information I share through my blog “X…Marking Your Spot.”  So, if you really want to mark a spot in your organization, implement these characteristics and you will begin to see a new level of activities and responses that will keep you in sync with your supervisors, employees and others as the world enters into this era of the new normal:

  1. eXpress – You are seen by most of the world as ‘what you do’; so remember your actions are communicating the type of person you are to others.  What type of message you are conveying?
  2. eXcel – To be exceptional at what you do, you must be better than the rest and surpass the expectations of others.  What are you doing to excel as a manager?
  3. eXpect – Be on the lookout for issues to address; presume there will be challenges ahead and try to plan accordingly now so you can deal with them when they occur and then keep moving forward.  What can you expect to happen in the next week?  Next month?  Next Year?
  4. eXamine – Making decisions each day require you to study or analyze information on an ongoing basis – either consciously or subconciously.  You should take time to observe things carefully before reacting or making a decision.  What tools can help you enhance how you examine things?
  5. eXplain -Verbal communication with others sometimes is more effective if the message is plan and comprehensible.  You can score a lot of points with your workers if you simply offer reasons for the actions you are requesting.  What steps can you take to be certain your instructions to others are clear and understandable?
  6. eXplore – Being creative and innovative means you must explore for all possibilities.  Learn how to investigate issues systematically in order to remain objective keeping in mind that the purpose is to discover new information or confirm existing information.  How do you search for new and creative ways of doing things?
  7. eXceed – Push yourself to be greater than others and to become better than your best.  Go beyond the limits of your job description and make a positive, life-changing impact on those that are near you.  What can you do today to get out of your comfort zone and become exceptional?

Take a few moments to view the video, leave a comment below, and then begin marking your spot right where you are at…today.  Also, you can follow me on Twitter at @craigholloman.

Video:  The first portion of the video is credited to the National Association of Workforce Boards, an organization devoted to bettering our communities one day at a time.


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