Four Pillars of Workplace Productivity

06 Mar

four pillarsIn a fast-paced work environment, it is easy for many businesses to become stagnant in critical areas of the organizational structure while focusing on the day-to-day operations.  But it’s important for managers to remember that in order to continue those day-to-day operations, the company must remain competitive and profitable in the long run.  Therefore, managers must continuously be aware of ways to increase productivity within the workplace in a manner that will strengthen the core of the organization and move it forward in marking its spot in its related industry field.

Productive workplaces have an infrastructure in place that enable them to adapt and grow as the market changes.  Being able to identify and strengthen the elements of that infrastructure is critical to increasing production and adapting to those changes in the market.  No matter how small or how large your business is, there are several key drivers that can improve its productivity:

  • Building Leadership – Every business needs to have a clear vision and a proactive stance in identifying new opportunities.  Leadership from individuals within the organization is vital to pursue these new opportunities.  Therefore, a true leader is not just the CEO, but can also be the manager or any other employee within the company.  Seek out these leaders and equip them with leadership skills to move the organization forward.
  • Creating Culture – A strong characteristic of a productive workplace is having a strong, positive relationship between employees and management.  Having a positive work environment motivates people and encourages them to go the extra mile in their commitment to the organization.  So, seek feedback from all employees and that will send a signal that you value their input and experience.  This will grow those positive relationships which will result in a more productive workplace.
  • Investing in Workers – Giving your employees the proper skills training will allow them to be more innovative in their position.  Increased skills within your workforce will also result in the need for less supervision, acceptance of more responsibility and a better flow of communication within the company.  In many cases, an increase in skills also means higher wages and lower staff turnover within the organization.  Therefore, invest in your workforce wisely and equip them with the skills that can spark innovation.
  • Exchanging Ideas – Take advantage of networking opportunities that allow you to collaborate with others in your industry.  Collaborations with others can reduce the cost of doing business and give you access to new ideas and new technologies that will benefit the organization.  Also, promote the exchange of ideas among your employees in order to birth new ideas for continuous improvement and growth.

Of course, there are many other elements that can increase productivity in the workplace; however, these four are the pillars of establishing a foundation to foster new and innovative ideas that will lead to a positive, more productive working environment.  Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.  You can also follow me on Twitter via @craigholloman.

Photo Credit:  Usman Sheikh


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